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What is communication Proposition ?

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  • Mon, Oct 19, 2009 2:04 PM

In public relations (publicity/communication)  it would be the 'key message' to be conveyed to an audience in any media exercise or through strategic initiatives.

Unlike advertising or any other medium, in PR, the message is subject to interpretation i.e. you will not be always reported as you intended (and not before if it musters value to pass through editorial gateways!).

An expert PR and media professional can advice and brief spokespeople on how to maximise the possibility of the message being reported as desired.  Where direct media interactions are involved, media-spokesperson interview training can help.





Hi All,

To add on to Divakar's point

Communication Proposition (in marketing / advertising) is the stage by stage process of communicating  or rather taking the product / service to the customer.

For example - If u recall the Electronic Ad campaign launched by "Sun Direct". First stage it has compared the price, next it has compared the features and finally it has closed showing that the oponent has also changed to sun direct

This stage by stage process is called Communication proposition




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  • Tue, Oct 20, 2009 7:08 PM

Kalyan that's interesting.  Although I'll be veering away from core communication proposition,  here's how PR will play out the same messages:

- 1st stage: Launch the service - talk price, product etc. Typically a big bang tamasha with tactical ingredients to generate a photo-op (and hopefully, branding being captured). Story with an interesting pic draws attention to the news story.

- 2nd stage, features: Go to media again - only if new features that are terribly exciting is being added to the service.  If not, it won't be big bang, but will turn out to be a whimper.

- 3rd stage, showing market acceptance: Business news. Talk market share and in the process ride other information as well.

The mix of PR tools we will use:

Media launch press conference - mass media - stage 1

Press Release or Press Meet (depending on how earth shaking the news is)- mass media - stage 2

1-1 interviews (select media) or Press Release (mass media, if numbers are exceptional) - stage 3


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